Our Services


Profit from your end-of-life or surplus inventory. Whether you are a manufacturer, network operator, retailer, or dealer our customized sales approach ensures maximum potential return. Our recommerce strategy ensures that recovery, speed, and brand protection are appropriately balanced for your surplus items.Our asset recovery services will turn unwanted assets into revenue while minimizing undesirable losses or increasing costs.


We are equipped with all necessary tools and processes to cope with needs of reverse logistics. We can repair, refurbish product, perform in house data sanitization, repackage product accordingly to your specifications and bundle it with accessories if requested.


State of art in house data wiping services. Reselling items that contain sensitive data can result in hefty fines and negative public relations. Using best-in-class data wiping processes, we remove all sensitive data from electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and other data carriers. After data destruction process all data will be impossible to recover with most advanced forensic tools.

REPAIR Services

We are capable to perform all electronic components repair. We specializing in SMT (surface-mount technology) repair. With never ending miniaturization of electronic circuits we acquired knowledge in field of micro-soldering and BGA (ball grid array). We restore your device to a functional state in accordance to repair standards.


We offer NAND flash data recovery. eMMC is a type of solid-state storage commonly used in smartphones and tablets. eMMC is an abbreviation of “embedded MMC”, or “embedded Multimedia Card”. To put it simply, eMMC is a non-removable memory card that is soldered onto a circuit board.


We teamed with global logistics affiliates to deliver your product on time, meet your customers demand and help you grow your business. Thanks to our reverse logistics channels and in house stock pile we are able to fulfill your needs with new, refurbished and end-of-life electronic assets.